Kevin Lashley
Prison Minister - Kevin Lashley

Poteau Church of Christ first became involved in the Prison Ministry at Jim E. Hamilton Correction Center in Hodgen Oklahoma through the urging of brother Bud Tibbles in or near 1985. At that time he was working with a congregation in the Muskogee Oklahoma area and would drive to the prison on Tuesday night to offer the New Life Behavior courses and no other local church of Christ was involved in that ministry. Around 1988 Phil Powers became minister to Poteau Church of Christ and became involved in the worship at the prison by offering a worship assembly on Sunday afternoon, Bro Tibbles still offered the New Life Behavior courses. In May of 1995, Richard Hurlocker placed membership with the Poteau Church of Christ, having recently moved from the Morrie Avenue Church of Christ in Cheyenne, Wy. He was asked by the elders at Poteau to assist Bro Powers in the work and later asked to assume full responsibility for the work. In May, 1996, Dick Hurlocker assumed responsibility for the work at the prison and continued to lead that ministry until a health related issue dictated retirement. In August 2007, New Life Behavior courses became the primary tool of our ministry as well as a Bible class on Sunday afternoon followed by a worship assembly for the inmates and staff. Brothers Ed Adams, Richard Moore and Joe Schweihkard have been involved in this ministry for several years. In 2007, when Dick Hurlocker retired the ministry was given over to Robert Martin.
At the present time, the focus of the ministry is towards post-release support for selected inmates who desire to remain in the Poteau area and worship with our congregation. Some of the related functions offered by our prison ministry is a clothing program to selected indigent inmates, a holiday gift of greeting cards, cookies and personal hygiene items to the inmates, plus a staff appreciation luncheon each December. for all staff members. Through this ministry we continue to see souls added to the kingdom and also to the local church as men are converted, serve their sentences and  are released to affiliate themselves with the local church. These men are offered housing assistance, help in finding employment and meeting the requirements of their parole or release.

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Juan Espinoza
Spanish Minister - Juan Espinoza

Church of Christ that meets in Heavener, Oklahoma We the Heavener Church of Christ (Hispanic congregation) are blessed to called sons of God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We come together every first day of the week in the name of Christ Jesus. We come together to worship God, and have communion to remember our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Our worship service begins at 3:30pm every Sunday. We come together in the name of Jesus Christ to sing, pray, worship and hear Gods word. Then also on Wednesday at 6:00 pm, we congregate in different homes that are announced during Sundays service. Our congregation consists of souls looking for eternal life through Jesus Christ and Gods word the Holy Scriptures. If you or someone you know who speaks and understands Spanish and wants to hear Gods word and share in the blessing of being sons of God, we invite you to come and join us.

Iglesia de Cristo- Church of Christ
400 E. Ave C, Heavener Ok. 74937
  Iglesia de Cristo Nosotros La Iglesia de Cristo en Heavener estamos gozosos de poder llamarnos hijos de Dios por medio de nuestro senor Jesucristo. La Iglesia de Cristo en Heavener nos reunimos cada primer dia de la semana (el domingo), en el nombre de Cristo. Para alabar a Dios y hacer memoria de el hijo unigenito de Dios, nuestro salvador Jesucristo, Cada domingo a las 3:30 pm empieza nuestro sericio a nuestro Dios.
Nos gozamos alabando a Dios en oraciones, cantos y en teniendo comunion participando en la Cena del Senor para hacer memoria de nuestro senor Jesucristo. Los miercoles tambien nos reunimos a las 6:00 pm en diferentes hogares en cual se anuncia en cual hogar cada domingo. Nuestra congregacion consiste de almas buscando vida por medio de Jesucristo y palabra de Dios en las Santas escrituras. Si usted tiene interes en conocer a Jesucristo y gozar de las bendiciones que tienen los hijos de Dios, lo invitamos...
Mateo 18:20 (Reina-Valera 1960) Porque donde estan dos o tres congregados en mi nombre, alli estoy yo en medio de ellos. Juan J. Espinoza (JJ) telefono: (918)721-4919